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released June 6, 2015

All songs written/recorded/mixed by TURBOSLEAZE
Mastered by Matt Labozza
Hamburgler-munching by Jesse Carsten
Grimace poem written by Robert Calzone,
read by Brigid Slattery
Artwork by Kira Sassano and TURBOSLEAZE

TURBOSLEAZE advocates a living wage for all humans.

Intellectual Bird Records/Underdog Pop Records


all rights reserved




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Track Name: The First Baskin Robbins in Afghanistan
You didn’t laugh at my joke you must be dead inside
I’m assistant manager here I’m all alone in my pride
Oh no
Cup or cone?
The First Baskin Robbins in Afghanistan
When the commercial is proof that your whole truth is a lie
You turn the tables around and trust the reasons why
You don’t
Have access to any zone
Where you can freely talk of humanist business plans
Track Name: The Hamburglar's Inevitable Hamburger Burglary
Burger man
Burger plan
It’s an Inevitable
Track Name: The Curse of Mayor McCheese's Bloodied Purse: A Purse Curse (by Agatha Christie)
Mayor Mc-Mayor Mc-Cheezy (TURBOSLEAZE) Cheese Cheese
I’ll repeat the verse
I’ll repeat the Inverse
Blood inside the purse
Mayor McCheese’s purse curse
I’ll repeat the verse
I’ll repeat the inverse
Strengthening the verse
The fool is well rehearsed
I’ll repeat the verse
I’ll repeat the inverse
Mayor McCheese is cursed
Agatha Christie’s curse purse
Blood inside the Church
Strengthening the inverse
Magnifies the curse
Of Mayor McCheese’s verse
I’ll repeat the verse
Dissonant the converse
Stained the glass with kind work
I’ll repeat the verse
Demolishing the purse curse
Strengthening the verse
Providing we’ve rehearsed
Track Name: Grimace's Grimace Inducing Grimace
That’s why they call me Grimace
I didn’t have a poem or a song to write for Grimace or his grimace, so I set out on my bike to look for the Fry Kids and Birdie. “These were the best times of our lives” as I recalled to Birdie, after a hole in one on a par four. “Remember that movie Billy Madison, oh no wait- maybe it was Happy Gilmore when Shooter McGavin gets that Jackass guy to drive by in his car?” Haha yea I love you man.
“You’re not getting my Bud Light™, Birdie” “Hahaha” Simultaneous. She carved a hole in the wall and the image made her calm and happy. By that time the Mayor McCheese flashed across the screen and Birdie went to get her gun. My Grandmother had a Willow tree that she used to sit behind.
The reality of the virtual non-withstanding- as we pray for the ghost of Pocahontas to take her revenge on Ronald.
Four score and seven years ago blah blah blah
I did not have sexual relations blah blah blah
That’s why they call me Carlos ____?
Track Name: Fry Kids' PCP Adventureland
We’ve built ourselves a maze
Breathing in a blue-grey metal haze
For keeping out the cold
So far there’s a zillion burgers sold
Fry Kids’ PCP Adventureland
You feel you have to lie
To fit inside the Other’s fractured eye
The Burgers make you sick
You find out every-one is full of shit 
Fry Kids’ PCP Adventureland
Track Name: Birdie
Birdie, yeah

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